Redundancy means that a job has ceased to exist. The reasons for a job ceasing to exist may vary – it may be due to the financial position of the employer, lack of work, the business closing down or a reorganisation within the business, or possibly where the employer decides that different or additional skills / qualifications are required for the job. In order to qualify for a statutory redundancy payment, an employee must have at least 104 weeks of continuous service with the employer. Employees being made redundant have the right to time off during the notice period to find alternative work.

Employers who pay the statutory redundancy entitlement and give proper notice of redundancy (at least 2 weeks) are entitled to a rebate from the Social Insurance Fund. This employer rebate is reduced from 60% to 15% in relation to employees made redundant on or after 1 January 2012.

Any disputes over entitlement are referred to the Employment Appeals Tribunal. Whether you are an employer who needs to make someone redundant or an employee who has been made redundant, if you have concerns about any legal aspects of the redundancy procedure then please contact us at Julie Breen Solicitors LLP in Ferns and Enniscorthy.