At Julie Breen Solicitors LLP, we represent our client at all levels of the judicial system, that is District, Circuit and High Court.

We believe in keeping you up-to-date and informed in what can be a lengthy and complex process. We actively seek solutions for your problem to expedite matters and should your case require an expert, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built up with professionals across all sectors.

With the introduction of an increased focus on alternative dispute resolution, we work to ensure that our clients are advised of all options available to them including mediation and arbitration.


In any commercial dispute, using the right strategy is vital to a successful outcome. At Julie Breen Solicitor in Ferns and Enniscorthy we work actively with our commercial clients to implement a strategy that is effective, flexible and appropriate to their particular needs. We are always sensitive to the concerns of our client – we recognise that litigation may not always be a satisfactory option, and we also have considerable experience in the areas of mediation and arbitration.

Where litigation, private or commercial,  is necessary to protect our clients’ interests, we act efficiently and pro-actively, and can represent clients in all court jurisdictions