Family Law - Separation

One of the most traumatic events in a person’s life can be the breakdown of a relationship. Someone going through a relationship breakdown needs practical legal advice from an experienced family law solicitor, because there are quite significant legal and financial issues to deal with – how to divorce, legal separation, custody of children, fathers’ rights, housing and finances, to name but a few.

The family in Ireland is changing, and Julie Breen Solicitors in Ferns and Enniscorthy keep up with the changing family and divorce laws in order to give you the best family law advice. We are committed to providing a sensitive and confidential service, and our primary objective is to deal with family law matters as quickly and amicably as possible.

Separation can be achieved in three ways:


This is a process that encourages the couple to co-operate with each other to come to a mutually acceptable arrangement. A Mediator can work with the couple to assist them in reaching an amicable agreement that is fair, equitable and workable. This can then form the basis for a Separation Agreement.


A separation agreement is a legal agreement entered into by a separating couple. It aims to set out the terms of settlement of issues such as where the spouse leaving the home will live; finances; access arrangements for children; and how property, assets, investments and pensions will be dealt with. A legal separation agreement can rarely be made without the assistance of a family law solicitor.

Julie Breen Solicitors in Ferns and Enniscorthy try to make this process as painless as possible by providing sound legal advice in relation to the complex issues involved in a legal separation.


A Decree of Divorce allows both parties in a marriage to re-marry. Divorce in Ireland has been legalised since 1996, when the Family Law Divorce Act 1996 was implemented. Only a Court can grant a Decree of Divorce.

At Julie Breen Solicitors LLP in Ferns and Enniscorthy we strive to get our clients the best and fairest result possible. In this sensitive and difficult situation, we advise our clients in a very practical manner about avoiding any unnecessary conflict and upset, while ensuring that their legal rights are upheld.