Family Law - Maintenance

In Ireland, parents – whether married or unmarried – have a legal responsibility to maintain dependent children. Spouses / civil partners also have a legal responsibility to maintain each other, in accordance with their means. It is important to note that paying maintenance does not give a parent access or guardianship rights.

Informal agreements regarding maintenance can work well, where both parties are reasonable and fair. However it can be difficult to assess informally how much maintenance should be paid.

At Julie Breen Solicitors LLP in Ferns and Ennsicorthy, we provide legal advice in relation to various factors that the court will take into account when making a maintenance order:

  • Income/earning capacity of the dependent spouse
  • Net income of the earning spouse
  • Minimum requirements of the dependent spouse and children
  • Minimum requirements of the earning spouses
  • Property or other financial resources of both parties
  • Taxation Issues