Employment Contracts

Contracts of employment are the basis on which the relationship between employers and their employees are built. A contract of employment is a formal legal contract between a specific employer and a specific employee, which must be signed by both parties. Some aspects of the relationship are governed by statute law, but there are also written terms and conditions of employment which relate to an individual situation.

For employees, it is important to seek professional legal advice before signing an employment contract, because sometimes the wording and details can be unclear to the employee. Employment contracts that at first seem straightforward may, on closer inspection, require further negotiation, or cause the employee to rethink accepting the position altogether.

A contract of employment is also a vital legal tool for any employer, especially in times when jobs are scarce. The great advantage to an employer is that there are many items which can be included to protect the business.

Because contracts of employment and employee handbooks are important legal documents, it is advisable to seek the advice of a solicitor who can either draft these on your behalf or make sure that an existing handbook is up to date. At Julie Breen Solicitors LLP in Ferns and Enniscorthy we can advise you on all aspects of drafting a contract of employment for employers, of reviewing terms and conditions of employment for an employee.